Restore the Function and Appearance of Your Smile with Dental Implant Reconstruction 

Permanent tooth loss is a situation that can occur due to a wide range of factors, from advanced tooth decay to injury or other oral health problems. While losing teeth is unfortunate, the good news is that it can be addressed with dental implant reconstruction. All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8 implant procedures from Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank, California, can restore function and appearance to a smile that has been impacted by tooth loss.

The difference of implant reconstruction

Traditional dentures sit on top of the gums, and while still common, they are not without flaws. Held in place by suction and denture adhesive, there are times when the dentures can come loose from the gums, creating an embarrassing situation. Additionally, the bond of the denture adhesive can limit the person from eating certain foods that are harder to bite and chew.

Furthermore, traditional dentures will lead to bone loss in the jaw. Natural teeth in the jaw exert pressure during natural movements such as biting and chewing, which stimulates and strengthens the density of the jaw. In the absence of teeth, the jawbone will deteriorate over time.

All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8 implant reconstruction

These three methods of tooth loss reconstruction work through strategically placing implants in the jawbone. These implants serve as the anchors for the dentures, keeping them firmly in place. The bone density is preserved by placing the implants into the jawbone, and the full mouth prosthetics can look and function like natural teeth.

Deciding which method of implant reconstruction to choose is based mainly on the number of teeth missing and the structure of your mouth. During your consultation, we will be able to ascertain the correct solution for your unique situation.

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Living without your natural teeth is difficult, and we have solutions that will help. If you are in the Burbank, CA area and want to find out if you are a candidate for All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8 implant reconstruction, call us at (818) 918-5533.