Are braces suitable for adults?

At Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank, California, patients in and around the community can learn more about braces for both adults and children. Adult orthodontics is becoming more popular as many men and women decide they want teeth straightening for themselves. They may be interested in cosmetic and restorative procedures that improve their smile and transform their look to help them in many different aspects of their lives, including their interpersonal relationships and career goals. If you are an adult with crooked teeth, take the first step in finding out more about braces for adults with our team of professionals!

What is the goal of teeth straightening for adults?

While most patients who visit Dr. Payam Bostani and his team of professionals are interested in straightening their smiles for aesthetic purposes, this is not the only reason to consider orthodontic treatments. Properly aligned teeth can improve your oral health and function, reducing your risk of developing problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, or bone loss. Additionally, conditions such as TMJ/TMD and bruxism may be impacted by smile alignment. Visiting Dr. Payam Bostani and his team is a great way to determine if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment at his office.

Do I need a retainer?

Retainers are used after orthodontic treatment to maintain the final alignment of the teeth. Teeth can shift with time, and wearing a retainer every night lets you keep your smile in place without needing further orthodontic treatments. There are three primary types of retainers, including:

  • Hawley retainers
  • Clear retainers
  • Fixed retainers

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