If you’re in a situation where braces for teens are on your mind and you live in the Eastern San Fernando Valley, Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank is your best choice. We understand that teens are often self-conscious about their appearance and, like everyone else, worry about possible discomfort, so we do our best to ensure that young people are as comfortable as possible with their treatment.

Braces for an active and image-conscious teen

The teenage years are nearly always a stressful time in a youngster’s life, and dealing first with crooked teeth and then visible braces can aggravate an already-uneasy self-image. Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental is pleased to offer braces for teens that can allay most concerns while creating attractive and straight smiles, while still accounting for the very active and often very busy lifestyle of today’s teens. That’s why, in addition to featuring a number of orthodontia options, we offer flexible scheduling so that office visits don’t conflict with school, sports, rehearsals, and other important extracurricular activities.

We also know that, like many adults, teens may have concerns about the look of traditional braces, which is why we offer options that are both discreet and aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of the types of corrective measures we take for straighter teeth, Dr. Bostani and the rest of our team are determined to provide the best possible orthodontic treatment resulting in smiles that are more attractive than ever. That’s something even teenagers have a hard time arguing with.

Why get braces as a teen?

Some parents might be tempted to wait until their children grow up and then let them decide for themselves whether they should get orthodontia. While it is certainly possible to receive orthodontic treatment as an adult, there are many advantages involved with earlier treatment. For example:

  • Younger mouths are more malleable
  • Adult teeth are very likely to be fully developed and set, meaning that orthodontists have to treat crowded and erupting teeth after the fact. For teenagers, this condition can be prevented more surely.
  • Facial symmetry and jaw aesthetics can be improved more easily in youth
  • Reduced odds of complications
  • Possible mental health benefits.

A comfortable atmosphere for the dentally-anxious

Our team of dental professionals works hard to ensure that our office is calm and welcoming. Dental and orthodontic work can be intimidating for patients of any age, so we strive to create an environment that limits that anxiety as much as possible while creating a personalized and friendly experience that encourage our patients to continue looking after their oral health with regular appointments.

Get started now

Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental is happy to provide orthodontic dentistry for teenagers and adults in our office. We encourage you to contact our office now to learn more about our personalized options for braces for teens. For more information, simply call the phone number above or visit our contact page to learn more orthodontia options.

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