Dental crown premolar tooth assembly process. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatment
Dental crown premolar tooth assembly process. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatment

Dental crowns are prosthetic outer teeth that protect roots or damaged teeth and function mostly like natural teeth.  They are often used as the final step in a root canal procedure, but they may also be used for cosmetic purposes or to shore up teeth that have been cracked or otherwise damaged. They can also be used as the prosthetics that complete dental implants or bridgework.

Crowns, sometimes also called caps, can be made out of a number of materials, including gold, porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal. The ivory appearance of porcelain obviously makes it a highly desirable choice for people who want a look that matches their other teeth, but the actual choice of the material will be a matter for discussion between the doctor and patient.

Dental Crowns with Dr. Bostani

Every mouth is different and every tooth in every mouth has its own shape. Dr. Payam Bostani is one of Burbank’s most skilled and respected dentists. Through decades of rigorous training and demanding experience, he understands both the practical and aesthetic side of making sure that crowns look good and perform reliably.

As we’ve made clear above, crowns have a number of different uses. A patient who has had a root canal, for example, typically is interested in a crown that will match the other teeth in the mouth and which will do the same work as the natural tooth it replaces. People who may be replacing a discolored tooth will obviously be very concerned that the appearance of the crown will be a significant improvement, and someone getting several crowns – whether it’s for strictly cosmetic purposes or as the final step the in the dental implant process – will want to make sure their overall smile is as bright and healthy as possible.

With an extensive educational background in all aspects of both general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Bostani is a master of customizing crowns so that they look good, feel good, and last indefinitely.

Getting Started

If you’re curious about dental crowns, then there’s a good chance you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, or it may be that a root canal or an oral extraction appears imminent. Regardless, the entire team at Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental is looking forward to hearing from you. To get started, contact us today at the phone number above or through our contact page.