Pocket or gum irrigation is a technique for removing food debris and bacteria between the teeth and gums by using a controlled spray of pressurized water. The treatment is often used in conjunction with other treatments, particularly for gum disease and other periodontal issues.

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Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental uses pocket irrigation on a regular basis to provide patients with cleaner smiles and healthier gums.

What is Gum Irrigation?

Gum or dental irrigation is a procedure to remove small amounts of plaque from between the teeth and gums, done with a small, handheld tool known as a pocket or oral irrigator. Like a high-pressure shower head, a pocket irrigator sprays a beam of water that is strong enough to wash away plaque and food residue, but safe enough that it is unlikely to damage a patient’s gums or teeth.

In most cases, gum irrigation procedures are used as part of a larger treatment plan, such as in deep cleanings or pocket reduction surgery. When a patient comes in for an irrigation treatment, Dr. Bostani will use the pocket irrigator to clean in between the patient’s teeth and gums-or in dental terms, periodontal pockets.

What Are the Benefits of Pocket/Dental Irrigation?

Pocket irrigation, sometimes referred to as gum irrigation, can also be done at home with a water jet, a device not unlike the aforementioned pocket irrigator. The process is similar to flossing, though probably should not replace it.

Is dental irrigation necessary?

Dental irrigation is an ideal means of removing food particles, debris, and the plaque that builds up between your teeth. This removes the bacteria from your mouth that can harm both your gums and tooth enamel by flushing out the pockets in your gums.

Whether the treatment is performed at home or by a dentist (or both), patients can expect a much cleaner mouth. A lack of plaque and food debris is also conducive to healthier soft tissues and reduced pocket depth, both of which make for a much healthier smile.

Gum irrigation can also prevent bad breath, known as Halitosis. This condition is caused by tooth decay or food particles that become stuck in your teeth. Your toothbrush and even dental picks are usually unable to remove the buildup deep in the pockets of your gums, so an oral irrigation procedure is the best means of removing this tartar from above and below (or subgingival) your gumline.

This cleaning of the gumline and beneath is easily accomplished by a dental irrigator thanks to its rounded tip which prevents damaging any of the gum tissue in the process of subgingival cleaning.

Learn More about Pocket Irrigation

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