Ridge Augmentation Procedure for Tooth RestorationRidge Augmentation

If you have lost a tooth or are facing extraction, you may wonder what comes next in your dental care. Ridge augmentation is a procedure that is often an integral part of tooth restoration. In some instances following the loss of a tooth, the area where that tooth was once located can appear hollow or sunken. Not only does this affect the smile’s aesthetics, but it can also jeopardize the success of a restoration such as a dental bridge or implant. In these situations, ridge augmentation can prevent deterioration of the jaw and properly prepare it for the final restoration. At Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank, California, ridge augmentations are often vital to our restorative dental care services.

What is a ridge augmentation?

Ridge augmentation surgery is designed to reconstruct your natural gum and jawline after tooth extraction. It effectively shapes the jaw to address bone loss that can occur because of tooth loss or other dental conditions.

Your alveolar ridges are the ridges along the jaw that contain alveoli, the small sockets that hold the roots of your teeth. When you lose a tooth or teeth, these sockets stay open and become filled with natural tissue. If these sockets do not heal properly, the bone and tissue may resorb, leaving an indentation where the tooth or teeth used to be.

How it works

Ridge augmentation uses bone grafting in the socket to rebuild the area to provide the necessary support for tooth replacement. It uses bone and tissue grafts to fill the indentations to create a smooth, natural-looking gum line. Once the area is built up, the gum tissue is sutured in place over the socket. Once the sockets have healed after the augmentation, the area can be prepared for dental implants.

Candidates for ridge augmentation

Just about anyone who has lost teeth or had a recent extraction is a candidate for ridge augmentation. In most scenarios, we recommend this treatment as quickly as possible following the extraction, often at the same time to avoid additional procedures.

Recovery from a ridge augmentation

While the procedure itself is considered minor surgery, there are still specific steps you should follow to improve the recovery and healing process; they include:

  • Do not use a straw for the first 24-48 hours following the procedures
  • Eat soft foods while your gums are healing
  • Avoid spicy and crunchy foods for several weeks
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Avoid strenuous activities

Choose Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental for your ridge augmentation. Our team is trained and experienced in providing a variety of periodontic services, including ridge augmentation, tissue grafting, and crown lengthening. If you are interested in learning more about how ridge augmentation can help your recovery after tooth loss, call us at (818) 918-5533.