What is a fiberotomy in orthodontics?

Burbank, California area patients who have undergone extensive orthodontic treatment may find themselves in a position where they may need a special oral surgery known as a fiberotomy. Dr. Payam Bostani and his team can educate you on this procedure and help you determine if you can benefit from it as well.

What is fiberotomy in orthodontics?

A fiberotomy is a specific type of treatment during which teeth moved with orthodontic treatment are kept in place to avoid further movement. Retention of the teeth in the new positioning and alignment within the dental arch ensures the results from orthodontic services remain. This particular oral surgery procedure is best performed on teeth that might be at a higher risk of relapsing or moving out of their final positioning.

What about a retainer?

In many cases, a removable appliance called a retainer is used for patients to wear at night to maintain their alignment. This does require compliance from the patient, wearing the device as recommended to prevent the relapse of teeth out of alignment. In some instances, thin wires are used to cement teeth together to keep them in place.

How do teeth move into position?

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, patients will have the teeth moved into different positions in both the gum tissue and bone. Both hard and soft tissues around the teeth need to adjust. Soft tissue sometimes has tough fibers that stretch when moved and can cause the teeth to push back to their original positioning due to their strong pressure. This can result in relapse, even with the use of a retainer as directed.

What happens during a fiberotomy?

This procedure is often performed before the braces are removed and is done to cut the tight, tough fibers that may cause individual teeth to relapse into their original position. It is relatively minor but is considered an oral surgery that includes healing and downtime afterward.

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