A guide to Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs): Comfortable, convenient treatment of snoring and sleep apnea

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For individuals who snore or have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Dr. Bostani may prescribe a customized Mandibular Advancement Device as an alternative to CPAP therapy. 

MADs are a conservative treatment. They are quiet, comfortable, easy to wear, low-maintenance, portable, safe, and discreet. MADs are a first line of defense for patients with primary or “simple” snoring or diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. Additionally, they may be an appropriate “second-line” therapy for individuals diagnosed with moderate to severe OSA who may have tried CPAP and cannot tolerate it. Or they may be poor candidates for surgery.

Types of MADs

There are 50-plus devices that fall under the category of “MAD” on the market today. All MADs are unified in their capacity to reposition the jaw, tongue, and other oral tissues and structures to support healthy oral posture and allow the patient to breathe and sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.

MADs at Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental

At Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental, our valued patients can benefit from one of four such devices, as follows:

Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance
  • Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance – This thin device flexes for utmost comfort when patients are at rest, which ensures patients wear the device as directed. Made by the dental technology leader, Glidewell, the Silent Nite® has demonstrated efficacy in protecting against or improving the severity and frequency of side effects associated with snoring and mild-to-moderate apnea. Fabricated to move the lower jaw or mandible forward, this appliance stimulates the muscular tissue and ligaments in the airway to prevent its collapse during sleep
  • Elastic Mandibular Advancement® Appliance – Also made by Glidewell, the EMA® promotes deep, restorative sleep by curbing and mitigating the effects of snoring and OSA. This device both advances or shifts the lower jaw forward while at the same time opening up the “bite,” supporting the free, unrestricted flow of air when patients are at rest and relaxed. Even among those patients with nasal congestion, the EMA® doesn’t disrupt breathing through the mouth. The EMA® features straps of various lengths that correspond with varying elasticity and tension. Generally, shorter straps are associated with greater mandibular advancement. Incorporating such features elevates this therapy’s effectiveness while supporting the utmost comfort
Elastic Mandibular Advancement® Appliance
Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance with Glidewell Hinge™
  • Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance with Glidewell Hinge™ – Unlike its counterpart, this device is thin and flexible for utmost comfort and a high patient compliance rate. However, this device also features a specialized hinge that helps to gently advance the mandible among those patients with diagnosed OSA. This design achieves the optimal therapeutic position for the jaw during sleep, triggering a process whereby the muscles and ligaments are activated to protect against airway collapse
  • dreamTAP™ – Another product from Glidewell, the dreamTAP™ as its name suggests, is a member of the family of Thornton Adjustable Positioner® appliances for patients with disruptive snoring and sleep-disordered breathing. By holding the mandible forward to retain airway clearance, snoring, and apnea-related medical risks are resolved or improved without surgical interventions or drug therapies. Made with robust and tissue-compatible alloy hardware, the dreamTAP™ features three sizes or variations that promote a heightened range of motion and allow the patient to adjust the jaw. So, it is positioned in the most comfortable way for them

Do not wait to seek treatment for snoring and apnea in its many forms, including OSA.

Sleep-disordered breathing is associated with various side effects that impact your quality of life – from frequent headaches to mood disturbances and chronic fatigue. Additionally, this condition increases your risk of developing everything from cardiovascular disease to stroke.

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