What are hybrid dentures, and why are they so popular?

Hybrid Dentures

Failing, decayed, or broken teeth in the smile may require patients to consider permanent removal. Once this happens, dental restorations need to be discussed with their dental provider. If you’re in Burbank, California, and are considering replacing all your teeth, Dr. Payam P. Bostani recommends hybrid dentures to restore your smile’s function, appearance, and health. He is a trusted provider in the area.

What are hybrid dentures?

Dr. Bostani describes the hybrid denture as a fixed restoration that is a cross between traditional full dentures and dental implants. Conventional full dentures are made of acrylic and are used along with denture adhesives or natural suction to keep them in place. Unfortunately, this can cause shifting and irritation. Instead, the hybrid denture uses a more conservative full denture that is screwed into place with dental implants along the dental arch, providing optimum security, stability, and function.

What are the advantages of using hybrid dentures for smile restoration?

Many patients considering their choices for tooth replacement often want to know about the specific benefits of this type of denture. Dr. Bostani finds that hybrid dentures have much better stability and support, allowing patients to eat and speak with ease, never having to worry about their dentures slipping out at an awkward or embarrassing moment. Unexpected dislodging becomes a thing of the past! Additionally, the conservative dentures made for hybrid dentures are much smaller and do not cover the roof of the mouth. It eliminates the need for messy adhesives and creams while also keeping irritation of the gum tissue at bay. Patients find they have the confidence to enjoy a wide range of foods once they have hybrid dentures in place when compared to the foods they may have given up on with traditional full dentures.

How do I find out if hybrid dentures are right for me?

Not everyone is considered an appropriate candidate for hybrid dentures. If you live in Burbank, CA, and want to speak with the team of professionals at our practice, connect with Dr. Payam P. Bostani and his team to determine whether or not you may be considered for these advanced denture alternatives. Call (818) 918-5533 to request a visit at 1601 West Burbank Boulevard.