Why should I wear NiteBite nightguards when I sleep?

NiteBite® Night Guards

Do you wake up each morning with jaw, head, and neck pain? Do you have damage to your smile due to clenching and grinding during your sleep? Have you been diagnosed by your dentist with bruxism? If this sounds just like you, you might be seeking a solution to save your natural and restored teeth from damage. To achieve proper alignment of the upper and lower dental arch and to reduce injury and tightness in the jaw muscles from bruxism, you may want to ask Dr. Payam P. Bostani of Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental about the benefits of using the NiteBite nightguard.

What is the NiteBite nightguard?

With the NiteBite nightguard, you can protect your smile from damage and find relief from bruxism. This specialized, custom nightguard alleviates discomfort and ensures that your restorations and natural teeth are not damaged from unexpected clenching and grinding. It is made in less than minutes right in the office, providing a well-fitting appliance that will last years with proper care! This specific type of nightguard is ideal for patients who have difficulty wearing a full-mouth nightguard. It is small in size and only covers the front teeth.

How does a nightguard like NiteBite help with bruxism?

When you wear your NiteBite nightguard at night, you ensure that you do not experience contact between the teeth that cause damage while reducing tension around the jaw joint, also referred to as the temporomandibular joint. This joint can tighten and clench, causing bruxism and other conditions associated with TMJ disorder.

Why should I choose NiteBite nightguards?

Dr. Payam P. Bostani has seen many of his patients find relief with the NiteBite nightguards. These are only available through dental practices, not over-the-counter, making them a high-quality, professional-grade solution. Patients who use the NiteBite appliance find that they are no longer dealing with the problems associated with bruxism and even TMJ/TMD.

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