Office Teeth Whitening

Years of stains caused by drinks or foods can take a toll on the color of your teeth. Sometimes, long-term braces or the use of Invisalign can also darken your teeth. Sometimes, taking certain medications during childhood can cause teeth staining. However, this can be resolved through deep bleaching. Whether you’re dealing with a range of teeth discoloration issues or simply want to restore the natural white shade of your teeth, in-office teeth whitening can provide the solution you need.

The process takes a little more than an hour of your time. We sit you back in a comfortable spa chair, and the rest is about an hour of letting us do the work while we isolate your teeth and apply an office-grade gel that whitens your teeth. You are given special glasses, and a special blue activating light is used to help the whitening process. You can be confident that we only use the safest whitening gel available. Additionally, the likelihood of tooth sensitivity during the process is relatively low. We use desensitizers known as ‘relief gels’ to control tooth sensitivity throughout the process.

Our office offers a personalized home-whitening kit for your convenience if further whitening is desired. You may also schedule touch-up appointments every six months or a year, especially if you consume coffee or tea regularly.

Our deep whitening process is specifically designed to help individuals who have permanent teeth staining caused by certain medications they took during childhood. This procedure is designed to assist with teeth that have been damaged by trauma or have become discolored due to tetracycline use.

Traditional Teeth Whitening vs. Deep Bleaching

Traditional Teeth Whitening vs. Deep Bleaching

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Browsing the oral care aisle may seem overwhelming when it comes to the various choices available for enhancing your smile. Whether you have tried whitening pens or whitening kits, you may have been dissatisfied with the results. At Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank, California, Dr. Payam P. Bostani is dedicated to providing treatments that really work. If you are interested in same-day results, he invites you to ask about professional in-office teeth bleaching to whitening up to eight shades whiter in a single appointment at his office! Many patients have questions about treatment, including the whitening process and how to maintain the results.


Once you have consulted with Dr. Bostani to determine if you are a good candidate for professional whitening, our team prepares to protect your smile. This includes the application of a barrier gel onto the gum tissues. This keeps the bleaching product from irritating the gum tissue and can also reduce any risk of sensitivity. After this, the whitening gel is administered onto the surfaces of your teeth and then activated using a special light. This light helps the whitening gel lift deep, dark staining and discoloration from within the natural tooth enamel, bringing forth a whiter, brighter appearance. In fact, many patients who visit our Burbank, California office for whitening treatments find that professional bleaching provides better results than over-the-counter whitening kits and results that last!

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In-office bleaching procedures can be a fast and reliable method of brightening the smile and adding brilliance and beauty! If you have been considering the specific advantages of professional whitening treatments performed under the immediate care and attention of a dentist, now is the time to connect with Dr. Payam Bostani and his team at Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank, CA, to discuss your unique needs! Our team is here to assist you in addressing imperfections and aesthetic issues using today’s remarkable technologies and methodologies. Call (818) 918-5533 to request a visit with our team at 1601 West Burbank Boulevard.

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