Pocket irrigation treatments are great for keeping your gums and teeth clear of food debris and unwanted bacteria. By spraying water around your gum line, Dr. Payam Bostani can increase your oral health and prevent dental problems, such as periodontal disease.

Pocket irrigation, or oral irrigation, is used as a treatment for gum disease. When you have periodontal disease, the gum tissue often recedes, and tooth roots can become exposed and susceptible to damage. As your gum recedes, pockets also form where bacteria and plaque can build up, causing additional damage to your gum, teeth, and bone.

A pocket irrigator is a small, handheld tool that typically sprays water in a controlled area. Pocket irrigation is often used in combination with several other treatments, such as deep cleanings or pocket reduction surgery. In any procedure with a pocket irrigator, our dentist may use pocket irrigators to help remove plaque, bacteria, and debris from between the teeth. When we clean underneath the gum line, pocket irrigators can also help reduce the amount of damage.

Pocket irrigation can be performed at home as well with a dental tool similar to a pocket irrigator, such as a Waterpik or water jet. By performing pocket irrigation treatments at home and receiving them at Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental, you can help keep your gums free of bacteria and debris, thus helping to treat or prevent periodontal disease. If you have questions about pocket irrigation in Burbank, California, or how to use a pocket irrigator at home, we invite you to call us today at 818-973-7100.